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Cara Delevingne Artfully Corrects Her Misspelt Tattoo: The Story Behind the Ink

cara delevingne

We all make mistakes, some more permanent than others. For model and actress Cara Delevingne, her error was etched into her skin. But with a little creativity, Delevingne turned a misspelt tattoo into a piece of body art that tells a unique story.

Cara Delevingne, an icon

Delevingne, an icon known for her bold fashion and outlandish spirit, fell under the scanner in 2023 for an arm tattoo that drew considerable controversy. To the eagle-eyed fans, it was clear – Delevingne’s tattoo had a glaring misspelling!

Crafted by prestigious tattoo artist Matteo Nangeroni, the design encapsulated the word “dormiveglia” and its definition, “the place that stretches between sleeping and walking.” Fans swiftly noted that the correct phrase should be, “the place that stretches between sleeping and waking.”

The backlash became so profound that Delevingne felt compelled to respond, not to the misspelling, but to critics questioning her choice to pose topless for the tattoo pictures. The star retorts in the comments of Nangeroni’s post, “Everyone calm down please. Thank you x.”

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Ever since, Delevingne has either covered her arm with long sleeves or gloves, but the 2024 Olivier Awards in London were different. The glamorous model appeared in a colorblock sequin gown, her tweaked tattoo on full display.

The once misspelt “walking” now cleverly reads “waking,” thanks to an abstract shape extending through the words, effectively striking out the “l” in “walking”. The mystery remains on whether Nangeroni is behind the corrective magic, but the reworked tattoo now reflects a captivating blend of creativity and resilience.

Much like her life, her tattoos are now, more than just body art, an intriguing tapestry of tales, making her a constant source of fascination and admiration.

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