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Is This a New Tattoo Trend? The Bond between Humans and Pets Gets Crafty..

english - bulldog tattooed

They say a dog is a man’s best friend, but the bond between a woman and her dog recently went viral for its unique and inspiring depth. An English bulldog named Lola became viral on Tiktok, not for her tricks or being adorable, but because her owner, Jocelyn (@anitnyelcoj), decided to get a matching tattoo […]

Top Tattoo Artists on Insta You Can’t Miss!

tattoo artists on insta

Welcome to a world where ink meets skin, where every tattoo tells a story and vibrant colors blend seamlessly with brush strokes. Instagram has become a hub for the world’s top tattooists, each boasting their unique style and captivating designs. In this post we will cover the top tattoo artists on insta to follow. Whether […]