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A Closer Look at Disha Patani’s “PD” Tattoo

disha patani - tattoo
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Tattoos have always been a significant part of the pop culture conversation, and when a celebrity gets a new one, fans are eager to figure out its meaning. A recent example to spark such curiosity is Bollywood actress Disha Patani’s new “PD” tattoo.

Patani, known for her roles in films like Baaghi 3 and Welcome Back, was recently clicked with the fresh ink on her arm, which immediately ignited a flurry of speculation. The two-letter etching sparked rumors linking her with her Kalki 2898 AD co-star Prabhas, given the coincidence of their initials.

The buzz around her tattoo offers a peek into the intriguing world of celebrity tattoos and the stories they tell. However, Patani addressed the speculations in a cryptic Instagram post, calling out the curiosity around her tattoo and asking her fans to “discover what the joy is all about! #cloudnine.”

This is not Patani’s first brush with tattoo-related hullabaloo. She was previously seen with Aleksander Alex Ilic, whose arm and bicep tattoo reportedly resembled her. The pair’s relationship status is yet to be confirmed, adding an extra layer to the intrigue surrounding Patani’s tattoos.

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Tattoos are a form of art that can unveil personal stories, affirmations, or mementos significant to the bearer. In the world of celebrities, they can also serve as conversation starters and speculation fodder. Judging by the mystery around Patani’s new “PD” tattoo, it is safe to say that the fascination with celebrity tattoos is not fading out anytime soon.

What’s your take on Patani’s new ink? Do you love the mysterious vibes or wish she would spill the beans on its meaning? Share your thoughts!

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  1. This PD tattoo looks so cute! Sometimes I think about getting a first tattoo, which will be a word or a rose, something small.

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