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JoJo Siwa unveils another tattoo this week, promising more to come!

JoJo Siwa
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Hey there, folks! We’re back on the blog with another nugget of news straight from the world of our adored celebrities. Now, we all know Jojo Siwa, right? The flamboyant fashionista known for her dazzling style choices. The pop sensation who makes such infectious music that you simply can’t resist bobbing your head along to the rhythm. Well, her style isn’t just limited to her colourful bows and vibrant wardrobe. Let me surprise you a bit, Jojo has a delightful collection of expressive tattoos!

Remember how she shared an Instagram story on the 3rd of July? We got a sneak peek into her tattoo collection and trust me, they’re not your everyday tattoos. Jojo has risen above the ‘rose on the wrist’ trend and went above and beyond to get each ink to tell a story, just like her music.

jojo siwa karma
/ (c) JoJoSiwa/Instagram

The latest that caught our attention was a striking tattoo dedicated to her hit single ‘Karma.’ A pair of eyes etched in black flames – how intriguing is that? You’re probably wondering why it’s so special, right? Well, according to Jojo herself, this tattoo is a permanent “memory of ‘Karma’,” a mark she’ll carry forever, just like the mark her music has left on millions worldwide.

But here’s the Jojo special – the element of surprise! She’s not stopping at just one unique tattoo. She coyly admitted to having several other tattoos, each with their own alluring design and backstory. From a cool 3D number on her arm to what appears to be a shooting star on her hand, Jojo is all about blending aesthetics with symbolism.

And hold on, it doesn’t stop there! She recently unveiled a tattoo of a winged teddy bear which left us all guessing about its perhaps link to her new album. The photo saw a jubilant Jojo and her tattoo artist, hinting towards a new musical masterpiece coming our way!

It seems like Jojo isn’t just making her mark in the music world, she’s also etching significant chapters of her life onto her skin. With her recent reveal, we all can’t wait to see what other tattoos she’s planning and the tales they will narrate!

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