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Luana Alonso, Paraguayan Swimmer, Sparks Online Frenzy with Unique Olympic Tattoo

Luana Alonso olympic tattoo
Beautiful Alana Alonso has become an internet sensation after qualifying for the Paris Olympics (Image: Instagram)

For Paraguayan swimmer Luana Alonso, making waves is nothing new. Still, the Olympian recently stirred things up off the poolside with her unique choice of tattoo placement, breaking the internet in the process.

This bold and unapologetic athlete decided to have an Olympic rings tattoo inked on her upper thigh, right on her bikini line. While the decision has raised eyebrows, Alonso remains unphased and comfortable with her choice.

The tattoo news comes as Alonso, who recently qualified for the Paris Games 2024, her second Olympics appearance, continues to gain popularity. She made the announcement on her social media accounts, expressing gratitude to her family, friends, and sponsors for their support.

She posted: ‘It’s official! Qualified for the Paris Games 2024! My heart is happy to represent the country once again! Thank you to my family, friends, and sponsors for making this possible!’” Alonso wrote. “Let’s go, Paraguay.”

The swimmer went on to share a photo of herself in her swimsuit, giving her followers a glimpse of her Olympic ring tattoo right on her bikini line. Captioning the post, Alonso declared, “Just joined the Olympic Rings tattoo club.”

Before her internet fame, Alonso was a standout at Virginia Tech, qualifying for the 2022 NCAA Championships. Internationally, she competed in the 100-meter fly at the 2021 Olympic Games, finishing 28th.

In an era where conformity often rules, Luana Alonso’s choice to express her individuality in such a personal and daring way is a refreshing change. Perhaps her bold move will encourage others to be equally unafraid to embrace their uniqueness.

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