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Matt Willis’ Unique Tribute to his wife In Ink

matt willis
Image courtesy of Instagram

In a world constantly changing, love stories also evolve, shifting beyond simple verbal expressions. Love takes on more intimate, lasting forms and recently, musician Matt Willis gifted us with a spectacular example. You may remember Willis from the band Busted and later, McBusted. However, he recently captured our hearts with something subtly different – an intricate new tattoo.

This tattoo is not just evidence of Matt’s love for ink or an excellent piece of body art. It is an homage to his wife, Emma Willis, and their enduring love story. Revealed on the couple’s wedding anniversary, the tattoo adorns the back of Matt’s leg, designed to resemble his adored wife.

“Happy anniversary, I love you more than ever. 16 years and it keeps getting better,” were Matt’s tender words that introduced his new tattoo on Instagram.

Amid the praise this sweet sentiment garnered, Matt notably acknowledged the artist behind his new tattoo, Thomas Farrow, for his “astonishing work”. He commended Farrow for completing the artwork perfectly “just in time for today”.

Married since July 2008, the couple shares a lovely family with their three children: Isabelle, 15, Ace, 12, and Trixie, eight. Besides his musical achievements, Matt also explores acting, with roles in EastEnders, Birds Of A Feather, the West End play 2:22 A Ghost Story, and Netflix’s upcoming Harlan Coben adaptation.

Further demonstrating his resilience and dedication to personal growth, Matt’s presentations include a 2023 documentary covering his addiction challenges. His inspiring podcast ‘On The Mend’ features individuals from different life paths who have triumphed over adversity.

In an era where expressions of love have been commercialised, Matt Willis’ tattoo stands as a testament to the intimate, personal essence of love. It symbolises how love grows and enriches over time, how it can be immortalised in ink, and how it continually breathes inspiration into life and art.

Ink, after all, amounts to much more than a pattern on the skin. It’s a testament of life, a commemoration of love, and often, a wonderful narrative etched on one’s canvas for eternity.

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