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Is This a New Tattoo Trend? The Bond between Humans and Pets Gets Crafty..

english - bulldog tattooed

They say a dog is a man’s best friend, but the bond between a woman and her dog recently went viral for its unique and inspiring depth. An English bulldog named Lola became viral on Tiktok, not for her tricks or being adorable, but because her owner, Jocelyn (@anitnyelcoj), decided to get a matching tattoo with Lola. This inspiring story begs the question: is this a new tattoo trend?

Let’s delve into the backstory first. When female dogs get spayed, it’s common practice for veterinarians to tattoo a sterilisation indicator, usually a short, straight line with blue or green ink. When Lola got spayed, she became a part of this common practice. However, Lola received a tiny pink flower tattoo instead of a generic line – something as unique as her bond with Jocelyn.

Are pink and blue minis the new tattoo trends?

But what makes Jocelyn and Lola’s story more interesting? Inspired by Lola’s unique sterilisation indicator, Jocelyn decided to get a matching tattoo. Two weeks and $35 later, Jocelyn came back home with a replica of Lola’s pink flower, marking he relationship with her dog special forever.

Jocelyn admits she was expecting some negative reactions from the internet because of the unusual circumstances. But to her surprise, the matching tattoo idea went viral, with currently over 2.3 million views, 335,800 likes, and 743 comments on TikTok, and envy started to creep into the comment section. Many pet owners expressed their disappointment for their dogs having only a standard line tattoo and hinted at getting a similar tattoo to commemorate their relationship with their pets.

So, is this a new trend? Possibly. But more than that, this story emphasizes the special bond pet owners share with their pets. As pet owners increasingly humanize their pets, they are finding unique ways to celebrate these relationships – even if it involves making a permanent mark on their body.

Whether you are inspired by Jocelyn and Lola’s story to get a matching tattoo with your pet, or you prefer to express your love differently, the bigger picture remains the same: we value our pets and our unique relationships with them.

Are you going to be next to follow this new tattoo trend?

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  1. My frenchie’s name is Lilo! When my daughter turned 18 she wanted matching tattoos, and that’s the only tat I have. I so want one with my Lilo! We are going this!!

    1. Ah, it’s a great name! I love Frenchies as well – they can be a crazy, but those adorable little faces! Do post back to let us know if you decide to get a matching tattoo! I think – that’s it really, tattoos are gaining memento in meaning – not that they ever lacked it – they’re just way more mainstream now 🙂

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