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Sahara Ray, Justin Bieber, and the Tale of a Daring Tattoo

Sahara Ray - Model
Photo courtesy of Instagram

If you haven’t caught wind of it yet, let us fill you in on the latest tantalizing tidbit from the world of glamour modeling and pop culture. It’s a story that interweaves the paths of stunning Australian model Sahara Ray and Canadian pop sensation Justin Bieber. It also introduces a daring new element – a scandalously placed tattoo.

Sahara Ray, a name that flashed across the tabloids in 2016, linked to none other than Justin Bieber. Their rumored romance sparked interest worldwide, fueled by paparazzi snaps of the two skinny dipping in the paradisiacal waters of Hawaii. Sahara, normally known for her provocative photoshoots and unrestrained lifestyle, found herself under the limelight for an entirely different reason.

sahara ray cross tattoo 2

Flash forward to the present day, Sahara Ray is back under the media microscope. This time though, it’s not because of her connection with Bieber, but because of an audacious new body art display. Sahara chose to bare her newest acquisition, a colossal cross tattoo strategically inked on her crotch, to the world. The bold placement has drawn raised eyebrows and gasps as the model showcased it in a barely-there bikini on social media.

Ever the entrepreneur, Sahara is also well-known for her online bikini store. Despite concerns over her health and lifestyle, expressed by some of her followers, she has been actively promoting her latest range of skimpy bikini styles.

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Whether it’s through rumored flings with global superstars like Justin Bieber, or her audacious photoshoots and tattoos, she continues to redefine the norms of the modeling world in her own daring way.

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