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Love Notes in Ink: Simone Biles & Jonathan Owens’ Love Story Tattooed

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Simone Biles, the celebrated Olympian, is gushing over her husband’s newest ink, and fans couldn’t be more curious. Jonathan Owens, 28-year-old Chicago Bears player, has acquired a simple yet profound ‘S’ tattoo on his ring finger, a mark that many speculate symbolizes his wife’s first initial.

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Biles, the 27-year-old gymnastics superstar, showed off the new addition to her husband’s collection of body art on her Instagram Stories — a beautifully romantic gesture, perfectly timed as she prepares for the Paris 2024 Olympics. Although Owens hasn’t officially affirmed fans’ assumptions, the love-struck couple leaves little room for doubt, considering the unwavering support he has shown his wife.

Jonathan Owen - S Tattoo

The renowned gymnast excitedly shared this special moment with her fans, her initial reaction captured with a string of expressive emojis, including two screaming-face emojis, two red hearts, and crossed fingers. The love between Biles and Owens has indeed been palpable, and this new tattoo, fans believe, may be another testament to their bond.

Owens, a football star who has been enthusiastically cheering for his wife, has taken time off his team, the Chicago Bears, to support Biles in her quest for gold in the upcoming Olympic Games. It’s a love story that continues to captivate, with romance weaved into every gesture — and yes, even tattoos.

Their tale doesn’t end with tattoos. Owens has been showering Biles with gifts, from luxurious Louis Vuitton bags to adorable pots of pink roses, ahead of her latest career milestone.

Biles, who is now preparing for her third Olympic appearance, remains one of the oldest gymnasts competing in the upcoming Summer Games. However, her age only adds to her strength, dedication, and unparalleled athletic prowess — elements that further amplify her charm both on and off the field.

As this love story in ink continues to unfold, fans can’t wait to cheer on Simone Biles, as she takes on Paris and strives for gold once again starting July 27. Watch this space for more updates on Biles’ journey and the sweet love story between her and Owens that has now made its way onto the canvas of their lives and his ring finger.

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