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Top Tattoo Artists on Insta You Can’t Miss!

tattoo artists on insta

Welcome to a world where ink meets skin, where every tattoo tells a story and vibrant colors blend seamlessly with brush strokes. Instagram has become a hub for the world’s top tattooists, each boasting their unique style and captivating designs. In this post we will cover the top tattoo artists on insta to follow.

Whether you’re in search of a new tattoo or simply want to appreciate some awe-inspiring art, these Instagram tattoo titans are the ones to keep your eyes on.

Ink Masterminds: Creating Awe-Inspiring Designs

  • Bang Bang: Known for inking music’s biggest names, from Rihanna to Justin Bieber, Bang Bang’s bold and colorful designs are a sight to behold. Follow him @bangbangnyc.
  • Nikko Hurtado: Master of hyper-realistic portraits and unmatched attention to detail, Hurtado’s impressive work can be admired @nikkohurtado.
  • Miryam Lumpini (The Witch Doctor): A creative genius of blackwork tattooing, her mystical and symbol-laden designs are deeply rooted in her African culture. Follow her journey @miryamlumpini.
  • Chaim Machlev: Although, he hasn’t been active on Instagram for some time – his work is still stunning and worth exploring. He’s renowned for his unique geometric designs that pop off the skin. Get ready to be spellbound @dotstoline

The Artists: A Fusion of Tradition and Modern Styles

  • David Cote: Blending traditional and modern styles, Cote draws inspiration from nature, fantasy and pop culture. Have a look at his stunning work @thedavidcote
  • Hongdam: Minimalistic but impactful, Hongdam’s intricate line work and use of negative space are eye-catching. See his harmonious designs @hongdamstudio.
  • Pony Reinhardt: Celebrates nature and the animal kingdom through delicate and detailed designs. Be enchanted @freeorgy.
  • Sasha Unisex: With vibrant, playful, watercolor-style tattoos, Sasha’s designs are a worldwide sensation. Check out her work @sashaunisex.

The Pioneers: Pushing the Boundaries of Tattoo Art

  • Jondix: His designs, inspired by ancient cultures and tattoo traditions, are unlike anything you’ve seen before. Witness his artistry @jondix.
  • Sol: Currently based in NYU, but looking to move to a new city, her tattoos have a very delicate Asian influence – With Sol, you will still get a masterclass in realism and her tattoos are rich with incredible depth and detail. Experience his remarkable work @soltattoo.
  • Yomico Moreno: Creates tattoos so realistic, they look like photographs. Dwayne Johson aka the Rock was a recent client. His hyper-realistic portraits to blow your mind @yomicoart.

The Crusaders: Celebrating Femininity and Body Positivity

  • Ponywave: Her designs are a celebration of women of all shapes, sizes, and skin tones, accompanied by inspiring messages. Feel the empowerment @ponywave.
  • Jess Chen: Creates dreamlike nature scenes, whimsical creatures, and fantasy landscapes. Discover her style @jesschen.
  • Jonboy: Favored by celebrities for his elegant, minimalistic designs. Step into his world @jonboytattoo.
  • Marla Moon: Showcases eerie and beautiful mystical creatures, astrological symbols, and nature scenes. Become entranced @marla_moon.
  • Laura Anunnaki: Based in Japan, Laura features cosmic and mystical themes with a focus on sacred geometry and ancient symbolism. Be captivated @lauraanunnaki.

In the world of tattooing, Instagram has it all. From traditional to modern designs, these tattooists are the top tattoo artists on Instagram and the ones who are setting trends. Dream big, find your style, and don’t be afraid to create something beautiful and meaningful.

If there’s an artist you feel should be on this list – let me know in the comments below – thank you!

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  1. So interesting! I have always wanted a tattoo but have been too nervous that my local tattoo artists would not be able to visualize or create the design that I see

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