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An Extraordinary Love Inked: The Tale of Nu’s Unusual Tattoo

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Hello to all you unique ink lovers out there! We are here to bring you a fascinating story from the world of unusual tattoos. Today, we’re coming to you with a tale of love, commitment and ink from the far-off lands of Thailand.

wedding cert tattoo
PHOTO: อีซ้อขยี้ข่าว3/FACEBOOK

Forget flowers, chocolates or diamond rings, a 37-year old Thai man named Nu has shown his love and commitment in an exceptionally unique way. Shaking up the age-old tradition of wedding vows, Nu decided to take his marriage vows to an unexpected level, by getting his marriage certificate tattooed on his upper left arm. Etching his nearly two-decade-long relationship with his wife into his skin for all eternity.

This peculiar declaration of love quickly went viral, amassing over a million likes and countless comments on Facebook. Nu celebrated his 19-year marriage with this unusual tattoo as an enduring testament to their love and commitment.

Picture it. A marriage certificate, not stored away in a dusty filing cabinet or a locked safety deposit box, but worn proudly on his arm. Recorded there are all the beautiful years of shared life, challenges, triumphs, and love. The unshakeable bond between a husband and wife, encapsulated in a single piece of art. Talk about a love story worth inking!

The astonishing thing about this sweet yet unconventional gesture is the acceptance it received. Nu’s wife – his partner of 19 years praised his bold move, leaving many on social media touched by his expressive portrayal of commitment and love.

But a question lingers, what if things go south? Nu shakes off this concern with the same confidence he displayed in his decision to get the tattoo. He’s unbothered by the speculation, confident in the enduring love for his family.

So, fellow ink enthusiasts, this novel idea of an unusual tattoo is a testament to the amazing stories that body art can tell. A permanent tribute to love and commitment, Nu’s marriage certificate tattoo definitely takes the cake when it comes to displaying affection in an uncommon way.

Until next time, signing off on another tale of unusual tattoos. Keep inking your stories, folks!

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